Wellness Time

Do you know what I think fits extra well this Monday morning? Some tips on wellness and how you can become the best version of yourself.

Here are my top tips for increasing your wellness account!

  1. Avoid foods that have longer best-before dates than you have. Skip those things that can stand in the fridge for several, several weeks and invest in the ones that actually get bad. But plan your food so you do not have to buy and throw away unnecessarily
  2. Invest in colorful food. And then I do not mean Findus cartons or jelly raspberries, but try new colors on the tomatoes, yellow carrots, polka dot or why not the wonderful green baby spinach?
  3. Stand more minutes than you sit on the days. It increases your metabolism and makes your body work a little extra!
  4. Drink water! Fill up a large bottle of water that you drink during the day or why not check off the number of glasses you take on a board?
  5. Plan your workout the day before! Otherwise you may not have time. Maybe you just had a gap in the morning and if you do not plan the day before, that chance may be over. Planning is the key to catching up with anything you want!
  6. Longing for the goodies. Allow yourself a little longing for Saturday and treat yourself to goodies only then.
  7. Make sure you get your sleep. It is SO important both for well-being and also for you who want to lose a kg or two. Sleep is the body’s chance for recovery to continue!
  8. Avoid doing things you do not want to do. Say no to the boring and yes to the fun.
  9. Work out at home. Do home training and it’s done – you do not have to have a gym card.
  10. Freeze smoothies. Freezing your smoothies is perfect – then you can only bring one out when the craving or hunger falls on
  11. Craving some salt? Eat celery! Celery contains salt and is a perfect snack for those who need to still crave salt.