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Travel destinations for you who are tagged on traveling alone
Traveling alone can be one of the coolest things you can do. It’s scary for many, but we can promise you that there are more pros than cons to being a solo traveler. You get to know yourself in depth, you decide when, where and how to travel, and you can plan the entire trip according to YOUR dreams.

The moment you board the plane, train or why not the boat, your legs may feel shaky, but do not let that scare you. When you backpack alone, you meet lots of nice travelers along the way, for example on the bus, the beach, the bar, yes you name it! You will soon realize that there are many backpackers, just like you, who travel alone.

Here we suggest five destinations perfect for you who want to travel alone. The common thread is that all destinations offer many exciting experiences that attract backpackers from all over the world. In these places you are guaranteed to come across and get to know other solo travelers.

  1. Southeast Asia Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam

Southeast Asia is a perfect place to start your backpacking if you are traveling alone. The people are incredibly warm and welcoming and you will also find lots of nice backpackers to hang out with on the many beaches, the festive bars, or why not at the diving school where you can land your very own diving certificate.

In relation to Sweden (and many other places in the world for that matter) Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam are really cheap to live in. In other words, you do not need to have a thick wallet to be able to live life here. The whole thing is summed up that Southeast Asia is fat if you want to backpack alone.

2. Backpack in Australia, the country Down Under

Australia, just like Southeast Asia, is a great place to travel alone. Here you will experience the famous casual Aussie lifestyle that attracts backpackers from all corners of the world. If you can surf, or if you are eager to learn, you also have the opportunity to get to know other like-minded people at one of the many surf camps. For example, check out this legendary camp on the mysterious Spot X.

If you aim to get from point A to point B, a bus pass from Greyhound is a great transport alternative, or take a road trip in your own campervan. If you are more tagged on making money during the journey, you should consider going on a Working Holiday. We can help you with everything from Working Holiday visas to arrival packages and other fun activities during the journey.

3. Incredible nature experiences in South Africa

It may seem strange that we have chosen to include South Africa in this list, but the country is actually really nice to travel around and also offers lots of exciting experiences. South Africa feels very Western in many respects and the majority of the population speaks English.

South Africa is the destination for you who are looking for adventure, nature and / or relaxation. If you want to embark on a total adventure, a safari in one of the larger national parks is something for you, for example in the Kr├╝ger National Park, or go out on the waves with a surfboard.

If you are more interested in culture and benefiting during the trip, you can get involved in one of the many volunteer projects we collaborate with in South Africa.

  1. Roadtrip in California or the rest of the United States

We have two tips for you who feel attracted to thoughts of road trips through California: travel with an open mind and stay in a hostel. At hostels, you meet both locals who can give you awesome insider tips, as well as others who are traveling like you. Americans are also really talkative, so in the US we can promise you that you can always find someone to talk to.

The United States is one of the easiest countries in the world to travel around and getting to the many big cities is done without any major problems. To keep in mind, however, is that the distances are looooong, which means that air travel is the main means of transport. However, if you want to experience total freedom, a road trip is the solution. Check out our suggestions for road trips to be inspired to put together your dream route.

  1. Round trip in scenic New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively large country on the surface, but a paltry 4.4 million people live here. This means that the country is an incredible place with nature experiences like no other, regardless of whether you are on the South or North Island. What makes it all even more nice is that everything is reached within 2.5 hours drive. In this The Lord of the Rings land, absolutely insanely beautiful nature awaits!

A good way to get to know people in New Zealand is by traveling with a bus pass, or joining a group trip with other backpackers. If you choose to travel alone in New Zealand, you will quickly realize that those who travel by bus will be your closest travel buddies.