5 tips on how to best photograph your food and drink

Man’s most dominant mind is precisely the eyes, which explains why it is so important to us that what we eat is nicely presented and looks appealing. In recent times, it should not only be pleasing to the eye, it has become important that what we eat and drink does well in the picture. Social media is full of pictures of food and drink, and many of us want to be part of that trend. Beautifully decorated smoothie bowls, neat pastries and perfect pasta dishes abound on the internet and we let ourselves be longed for and inspired. More and more people are making food and drink the main theme on their social media channels, and it is important that the content consists of professional images with the right expression. Here are five top tips on how to take the perfect photos of your edible and drinkable creations.

The camera and the image quality

Having a good camera is very necessary for you to be able to take nice and professional pictures of your food. Nowadays, however, the camera on your phone may suffice, as the technology is so advanced that many phones take pictures that are of the same or even better quality than pictures taken with a camera. Huawei is a brand whose smartphone camera has an incredible image quality. The Huawei P20 Pro and P30 are just a few examples of this, and these models can also be purchased second-hand for an affordable price.

The light

Light is more important than you think when taking pictures of food and drink. Photographs tend to be the best in daylight, and remember to try to adjust the light according to what you are shooting. You can advantageously use a so-called ring lighting, especially if you are shooting indoors and the light is not so bright, for an even more professional effect!

The layout

Think about how you place the food on the plate, or how you decorate the drink. Feel free to use lovely colors and adapt the layout to the plate or glass. Decorate with fresh herbs, berries or anything else that enlivens what you have cooked and that gives an aesthetic expression.

Glass and porcelain

Remember that even the food or drink served on or in must be presentable and pleasing to the eye. Choose glass and crockery that suits the dish. Use matching glass and crockery, or find unique and beautiful kitchen utensils for the table setting used from a flea market.

The background

Not to forget is the background for what you are photographing. Here you have the opportunity to further optimize the image, by matching objects and colors in the background of the image. Feel free to use themes that suit the season, wonderful natural materials, nice table surfaces and plants.